9. Contributing to this project

9.1. Code contributions

Contributions to this project are always welcome. If you have questions or comments about how this software works, I want to hear from you. Even if coding isn’t your thing, I want to make it easier for you to get involved.

There is no formal structure for contributions at the moment, but I will respond promptly to any pull request or issue on github (https://github.com/iannesbitt/readgssi). If and when you encounter bugs, kindly provide the error output, describe what you are attempting to do, and attach the DZT/DZX/DZG file(s) causing you trouble.

If you have a question that involves sensitive or proprietary data, send me an email confidentially at ian dot nesbitt at g mail dot com.

Thanks for helping to keep scientific software free and open-source!

9.2. Contributing in other ways

readgssi is open-source software written as a side project during the completion of my Master’s degree at the University of Maine. It is written and maintained because it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and because it helps me do my own work. It is not a money-making venture. It is intended for use by the wider scientific community as a way to understand field data faster, better, and with less hassle.

Keeping software free and open source is an important way to help scientists make science transparent and accessible to the wider community, and also to allow them to collaborate on better scientific outcomes and discoveries. Therefore I strongly urge code contributions over financial ones.

However, if this work has helped you or your lab personally and you would like to say thanks by buying me a coffee, please email me and/or seek me out at the next AGU/EGU, or drop me a couple bucks at https://paypal.me/IanNesbitt/. Thank you for your support, it is very much appreciated. Graduate student salaries aren’t what they used to be!

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