readgssi.constants (essentials)

This module contains a number of variables that readgssi needs to perform physics calculations and interpret radar information from DZT files.

Physical constants

c = 299792458 - celerity of electromagnetic waves in a vacuum

Eps_0 = 8.8541878 * 10**(-12) - epsilon naught, the vacuum permittivity

Mu_0 = 1.257 * 10**(-6) - mu naught, the vacuum permeability

GSSI constants

MINHEADSIZE = 1024 - minimum DZT file header size in bytes

PAREASIZE = 128 - DZT file fixed info area size in bytes


UNIT - dictionary of GSSI field units and associated unit codes

ANT - dictionary of GSSI antennas and associated antenna codes (read more about these in Antenna code errors)